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Sample Business Issues

Scenario 1: Quick Reach & Frequency

My network is looking to get a quick view of how many Persons 18-49
we reached compared to our main competitors last month. We are on
a strict deadline. Is there a fast and easy way to pull this
Reach and Frequency report?

Before the one-step Reach & Frequency Reports, a three-step process
was required when you wanted to report the Reach for Households or
Demographics for your program and time period schedules. You had to
unify your sample, create your schedules, and then run your report.

Now, with the one-step Reach and Frequency report template,
you can report Reach %, Impressions and Frequency Distributions
for your programs and time periods in a single step. All the components
needed for a Reach and Frequency report have been combined into one
report template.

It is important to note that this will not be replacing the traditional
three-step Reach and Frequency. It will be enhancing and simplifying
the user experience when running program and time period Reach
and Frequency reports.


Step 1: Open the R&F Time Period Report template from the
Reach & Frequency Report folder.

Step 2: Complete the required fields within the report template.

Step 3: Submit report to the server.


Scenario 2: Average Weekly Reach

My network wants to see the average weekly reach for my prime time
programs over the past two months. Is this possible?

When you select an Average Reach Option in a one step Reach and Frequency report, all of the Reach statistics reported on the Schedule Summary tab will now be based on Average Reach (weekly, monthly,
or quarterly depending on your selection).


Step 1: Open the R&F Program Report template from the
Reach & Frequency Report folder.

Step 2: Select the past two months as your measurement interval.

Step 3: Select the Weekly Average Reach Option on the
Report Segment page.

Step 4: Submit Report to the server.

For more information on Average Reach, visit the
NPOWER page, or download the
Average Reach - How to Read PDF.



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Reach and Frequency Classes

NPOWER: What’s New with Reach and Frequency Overview

Reach & Frequency Program Report and Reach & Frequency Time Period Report take the traditional three-step R&F Reports down to just one! Find out how in this 60 minute class.

In this session, you will learn:
  • The differences between the one-step R&F and the traditional
    three-step R&F.
  • How to create a one-step R&F report to find out how many
    Households or Persons you reached with your time period
    and/or programs.
  • How to create weekly/monthly/quarterly average reaches.

What’s the Buzz?
Here is what a few of our clients had to say about our What’s New With
Reach and Frequency classes when asked, What about this class was
most useful to you?

  • Timeliness of class after rollout.
  • Simple - I needed to know how the new Reach & Frequency
    settings worked. I now know.
  • Learning new options as well as reviewing previously learned measures.
The client comments above have been kept anonymous.
Thank you for your feedback. We look forward to hearing more!

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