NPOWER: In-Depth
Winter 2013
Determine your audience’s viewing habits, demographics, and characteristics
Upcoming Classes

Segmentation 101
Jan 22 - 2:30pm ET
Feb 15 - 3:00pm ET
Mar 14 - 1:30pm ET

Segmentation 201
Jan 30 - 2:30pm ET
Feb 28 - 2:00pm ET
Mar 28 - 2:00pm ET

Audience Composition
Jan 28 - 11:30am ET
Feb 13 - 4:00pm ET
Mar 7 - 2:30pm ET

Sample Business Scenarios

Segmentation Analysis
Now that the season is part way through, I want to examine my viewers
more closely. I know what my reach and my average ratings are, but I want
to know more about the viewer's habits with my program. For instance,
how many loyal viewers does my new program have?

Step 1: Unify your sample.

Step 2: Create a Quad Segmentation for your program.

To learn how to run Quad Segmentation, and other types of
Segmentation Reports, please attend Segmentation 101.


Segmentation into Other Reports
I want to learn more about my viewer’s preferences. I’d like to see what
they’re watching competitively, so I can gain insight into what types of
programs they enjoy. I’d also like to see what they view on my own network,
so I can better promote the show.

Step 1: Unify your sample.

Step 2: Create a Number of Minutes Segmentation for your program.

Step 3: Pull Number of Minutes Segmentation into Ratings Analysis with
programs you want to see viewing for, on your network and competitively.

To learn how to pull segmented viewers through other reports,
please attend Segmentation 201.


Audience Composition
What is the audience composition of my viewers and are they more or less
likely to be a certain demographic or have a certain characteristic?

Step 1: Ratings Analysis report using Distribution and Index Statistics.

To learn how to pull Audience Composition,
please attend NPOWER In Depth: Audience Composition.


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