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Spring 2012
Make more informed business decisions with NPOWER Cross Platform Single Source
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NPOWER In Depth: Time Spent with TV and Internet
  • Apr. 26 - 2:00pm ET
  • May 15 - 1:00pm ET
  • Jun. 7 - 2:00pm ET
NPOWER In Depth: Response Effect
  • Apr. 30 - 2:00pm ET
  • May 23 - 2:00pm ET
  • Jun. 21 - 2:00pm ET
NPOWER In Depth: Simultaneous Usage
  • May 3 - 2:00pm ET
  • Jun. 6 - 2:30pm ET

Sample Business Issues

Scenario 1: Time Spent

Your network is looking to entice an advertiser to invest ad dollars on your network and website. What's the best way to show them how much time consumers are spending on both media?


Step 1: Unify your Cross Platform Sample.

Step 2 : Run a Segmentation Report for your TV viewers.

Step 3: Run a Segmentation Report for your Internet users.

Step 4: Use the Average Time Spent per Person per Day column to determine how many minutes consumers used on an average day. To convert the Internet seconds of use to minutes, divide by 60.


Scenario 2: Response Effect

Your website has done some advertising on several networks. You want to see what percentage of viewers who saw the ads went to your website. How can you accomplish this?


Step 1: Unify your Cross Platform Sample

Step 2: Run an Ad schedule for the spots that ran on Television using the Cross Platform Sample.

Step 3: Run a Number of Seconds Segmentation report to identify users of your website.

Step 4 : Run a Reach and Frequency report to examine the reach of your ad campaign against the users and non-users of your website. On the demographics selection screen you'll pull in the segmented users and non-users of your website from Step 3.



Gain unique insights into consumer behavior that can only come from measurement of television and Internet in the same home.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Service - Single Source provides cross-media measurement and innovative data from the only dataset to measure TV and Internet in same household. These Cross-Platform Homes are comprised of TV and Internet measured households in the National People Meter Panel. Clients who subscribe to this service are able to gain valuable insights into the interaction of TV and Internet.  These reports can be used to gain a better understanding of media use and audience composition.

Cross Platform Reporting capabilities include:
  • Reach and Frequency of Internet Schedule individually or combined with TV.
  • Cause and Effect - Did Viewing of an ad or program drive traffic to a website or did a visit to a website drive traffic to a TV program?
  • Segmentation of Internet Users by site or type of site, which can then be pulled into other NPOWER reports for further analysis of TV Viewing, Reach and Frequency, or Segmentation by TV viewing or additional website visits.
  • Simultaneous Duplication, a unique statistic allowing you to examine the simultaneous usage of TV and Internet, either broadly or narrowly.
  • Streaming Video usage, to compare surfing and streaming usage across sites.
If you do not currently subscribe to the Cross Platform Service - Single Source and would like more information please contact your Client Service representative.

Need additional ideas on how to use Cross Platform Reporting? Click the link to check out the new Cross Platform Report Guide now posted on the Client Learning Site.

- Did you find this Newsletter helpful? Look for more ways you can use NPOWER for in depth analysis in our upcoming Summer 2012 Newsletter.
New In-Depth Classes

NPOWER: In Depth - Time Spent with TV and Internet:

Are you interested in seeing how much time is spent with TV and Internet? Do you want to examine time spent with your website and TV network? Perhaps you're interested to know about time spent with Broadcast TV, compared to Ad Supported Cable, and Social Networking sites compared to News sites. Look no further, you will learn how to do just that in this session. Utilizing Segmentation reports within NPOWER we will walk through some examples of how to analyze this on a broad or narrow level, so you will walk away with usable insights.

Attendees should be familiar with Segmentation and Cross Platform data within NPOWER.

Recommended Prerequisites:
  • Segmentation 101 (Virtual Class)
  • Cross Platform Service - Single Source (Virtual Class) or Cross Platform TV/Internet Fusion (Virtual Class)
NPOWER: In Depth - Response Effect:

What effect is a TV campaign having on website traffic? What effect is an online campaign having on TV viewership? Find out how to pull such analyses in this session! Learn the reports to run, to see the difference in behavior between those that saw a campaign, and those that did not.

Attendees should be familiar with Segmentation, Reach and Frequency, and Cross Platform data within NPOWER.

Recommended Prerequisites:
  • Segmentation 101 (Virtual Class)
  • Reach and Frequency 101 (Virtual Class)
  • Cross Platform Service - Single Source (Virtual Class)

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