NPOWER: In-Depth
Winter 2011
Make more informed business decisions with NPOWER Reach & Frequency Reports
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NPOWER In Depth: Simultaneous Usage
  • Dec. 14 - 1:00pm ET
  • Jan. 5 - 1:00pm ET
  • Feb. 2 - 4:00pm ET
NPOWER In Depth: Reallocation
  • Dec. 21 - 2:00pm ET
  • Jan. 24 - 4:00pm ET
  • Feb. 16 - 1:00pm ET
NPOWER In Depth: Tracking Your Audience
  • Dec. 15 - 2:00pm ET
  • Mar. 1 - 1:00pm ET
NPOWER In Depth: Audience Composition
  • Dec. 7 - 1:00pm ET
  • Feb. 28 - 1:00pm ET
Reach & Frequency 101
  • Dec. 5 - 2:30pm ET
  • Jan. 10 - 2:30pm ET
  • Feb. 1 - 2:30pm ET
Reach & Frequency 201
  • Dec. 16 - 3:00pm ET
  • Jan. 24 - 2:30pm ET
  • Feb. 21 - 2:30pm ET

Sample Business Issues

Scenario 1:

Your network wants to attract an advertiser that is not currently advertising on your network. You need to demonstrate to them that allocating some of their advertising dollars from other networks to yours will increase reach of their target consumers. How can you show them that adding your network to their buy would be a more effective way to spend their advertising dollars?

Reach and Frequency studies provide a means to evaluate the performance of advertising schedules based on the number of homes or people reached. To answer the business inquiry above, the Reach and Frequency report and schedules can be leveraged for a Reach Reallocation Study.


Step 1: Unify your sample.

Step 2: Create an advertising schedule based on the brand’s current schedule.

Step 3: When the report completes, open it and edit the current schedule reallocating some of the spots from underperforming networks to your network.

Step 4: Run a Reach and Frequency report to evaluate how many more viewers the advertiser could have reached by shifting some spots to your network.

To learn more, attend a session of our new course: NPOWER In Depth: Reallocation


Scenario 2:

Your network attracts a large number of viewers during a prime time sporting event that airs each week. You also have a valuable content on your website that rounds out the viewer experience. How can you demonstrate to advertisers that a significant portion of your audience is online while watching the game? How can you persuade the advertiser on the value of cross-platform advertising to maximize their brand’s exposure?

When working with the Cross Platform sample, you gain the unique ability to analyze people’s use of television and internet within their households. Simultaneous Duplication Reports help you identify the percentage of viewers who were watching the sporting event and using the Internet at the same time.


Step 1: Unify the sample using the Cross Platform Homes sample.

Step 2: Create a Time Period schedule for prime time on your network and an Internet Schedule* for “All Sites” during prime time using the Cross Platform Homes Sample.

Step 3: Run a Reach and Frequency Duplication report using the Cross Platform Homes sample and activate the Simultaneous Duplication option under the statistics tab.

To learn more, attend a session of our new course: NPOWER In Depth: Simultaneous Usage



Software Tips

Recorded Sessions

Maximize your understanding of how your program, daypart, advertising, and online content perform

Reach & Frequency schedule-based reports are designed to help you analyze the number of households or persons reached by a schedule. Reach estimates can be supplemented with frequency distributions that show the number of times a home or a person was exposed to a schedule.

There are four types of schedules available in NPOWER, with the additional option to upload custom schedules:
  • Advertiser-based schedules
  • Program-based schedules
  • Time period-based schedules
  • Internet-based schedules*
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New In-Depth Classes

NPOWER: In Depth – Reallocation:

If you’re looking to demonstrate how adding your network to an advertiser’s schedule can increase reach and frequency, this is the session for you. Learn how to examine the reach and frequency of an advertiser’s actual schedule, and remove inefficient spots in their existing schedule, replacing them with additional spots on your network to increase campaign reach. You can also utilize this concept with promotion schedules for your network.

In this session we will create and edit schedules to demonstrate reallocation.

NPOWER: In Depth – Simultaneous Usage:

If you want to identify simultaneous usage of TV and Internet, this is the class for you. Learn how to seamlessly run and analyze this data, utilizing the Cross Platform sample within NPOWER, and the Reach and Frequency Duplication Report. Learn time saving tips on building this analysis.

In this session we will build Unification, TV, and Internet Schedules*, and a Duplication Report utilizing the Cross Platform Sample.

Experience with NPOWER Reach and Frequency reports is highly recommended to attend these advanced level courses.


* Internet Schedules require a subscription to either the TV/Internet Fusion or Cross Platform Homes.


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